That’s Entertainment! (Part One)

Andy Kaufman loved a lot of things — Elvis, wrestling, Transcendental Meditation. That said —┬ádespite being a word-class entertainer — he didn’t particularly care whether or not you loved him.

Andy Kaufman as Latka Gravas on Taxi, ca. 1980

This week, join us as we begin a two-part story about the man who might just be the best bullshit artist the world has ever seen.

From impersonations to inter-gender wrestling, we’ve got a lot to cover, and we just couldn’t fit it all in one episode.

Andy and his pal Tony Clifton, 1982.

Don’t worry — you won’t even have to wait a whole week for the conclusion — we’ll see you on Tuesday.

Carol Kane, as she appeared in License To Drive, 1988

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