Satanic Panic IV: Screaming For Vengeance

James Vance and Ray Belknap loved Judas Priest — that much has never been disputed. 


Jay (left), Ray (right), and the Stained Class album (background).

These two kids — both with bleak futures ahead of them — made a dumb decision in a drunken, drugged-up state, and the rest is history. By the end of the day, one of them would be dead, and the other would be horrifically disfigured.

dream deceivers

Raymond Belknap, dead at 18. 1985.

Ultimately, who’s to blame? The parents? The kids themselves? Heavy Metal band Judas Priest? Join Brian and Darien as they tell the story of the 1990 trial that shook the entertainment world.

James Vance, as he appeared in 1986.

James Vance, as he appeared in 1986.

We’ll get into everything — from slippery shotguns to dead cats, from The Beatles to Beyoncé.

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