Satanic Panic III: West Memphis Boogeymen

With at least 3 books, 4 documentaries, and one (very terrible) feature length film, the story of the West Memphis Three is not what you’d call overlooked.

Terry Hobbs, today's primary alternate suspect.

Terry Hobbs, today’s primary alternate suspect.

That said, we’re no closer to finding out who was truly responsible for the horrific murders of Christopher Byers, Michael Moore, and Stephen Branch than we were 20 years ago.

Mark Byers, alternative suspect #1.

John Mark Byers, another suspect. 

Join us as we try to talk it through: from phsyciatric reports to bleeding chicken men, from overzealous probation officers to overly imaginative 8 year olds, we’ll  get into everything.

Another alternative suspect: Mr. Bojangles (artist rendering.)

Another alternative suspect: Mr. Bojangles (artist rendering.)

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