Great Artists Steal: The Xerox PARC Story

When you stop and think about the way we live our lives now — the magic we get to experience every day —  a lot of the credit goes to Microsoft and Apple. But is that credit really deserved? The easy quote, often credited to Steve Jobs, is:

“Good artists copy; great artists steal.”

Steve Jobs, late 1970s

But that quote existed 40 years before his birth. Like a lot of things about him, the credit belongs to someone else.

Join us as we tell the story of Xerox PARC — a ridiculously forward-thinking group of scientists and researchers who almost singlehandedly invented the future we live in, only to have their ideas rejected, then stripped away from them at the critical moment.

The Xerox PARC team as they appeared in the mid-70s.

We’ll get into it, from micro-generations to Microsoft’s greatest trick. From the Alto to the Mac, we’ll cover it all.

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