The Boys in the Bank

John Wotjowitz had a little bit of problem. That’s a massive understatement.

Wotjowitz — Littlejohn Basso to his new friends — was at the forefront of the gay rights movement that began in earnest in the late 1960s, but he wasn’t there for the politics — he was there to find love. Again and again.

John and Ernie in happier times, ca. 1971

This week, join Brian and Darien as they tell the real story behind the beloved flick Dog Day Afternoon — a story so outrageous that no movie could really do it justice.

Wotjowitz yelling at police and thrilling a captive audience, 1972.

We’ll get into it — from same sex bigamy to revolutionary cake toppers. From Stonewall to Sominex, we’ll cover it all.

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